Road Trip Update – Shreveport, LA to Andover, KS

The next leg of the roadtrip was Shreveport to Andover.  Four states in one day:  Louisiana, Arkanasas,… [more]

Road Trip Update – Shreveport, LA to Andover, KS Road Trip Update - Shreveport, LA to Andover, KS

How does Diogenes’ Lantern work?

The basic process is a simple cycle: 1. A nominee is submitted by a nominator using our nomination… [more]

How does Diogenes’ Lantern work? How does Diogenes' Lantern work?

Who is Diogenes?

Diogenes was a Greek philosopher born around 400 B.C.  Although he came from Sinope, he identifed himself… [more]

Who is Diogenes? Who is Diogenes?

Kettleman City, CA

Kettleman City, CA.  This is the very first stop I made on my very first test roadtrip.  Kettleman… [more]

Kettleman City, CA Kettleman City, CA

Kettleman City, CA.

I'll be dropping by again on the first official Diogenes' Lantern roadtrip.  I have a lead on a possible… [more]

Kettleman City, CA. Kettleman City, CA.

On The Road

This is the Soul of Diogenes' Lantern ;)...Kia Soul, that is. On roadtrips, the entire website and organization… [more]

On The Road On The Road

Summer 2011 Inaugural Roadtrip

Check out the full map of the roadtrip Our very first official  roadtrip will be covering roughly… [more]

Summer 2011 Inaugural Roadtrip Summer 2011 Inaugural Roadtrip

Featured Nominations


Diogenes’ Lantern Nomination: June W. – Davis, OK

June W runs a very small shop called The Little Store in Davis, Oklahoma. Davis is a small town of about 2600 people…

AlethaW's house - Kettleman City, CA

Diogenes’ Lantern Nomination: Aletha W. – Kettleman City, CA

Aletha W. is in her 70s, and has lived in Kettleman City since 1968, when the whole town consisted of 10 trailers…


Vince W. – A lifetime of helping others…

His generosity to organizations, fundraising, and those less fortunate is boundless. Doing good comes as naturally as breathing for Vince.

Featured Sponsorships

Diogenes' Lantern outside Grow kid Grow storefront

Grow kid Grow $15 gift certificate

This certificate is good for $15 in our Los Angeles store (does not apply to toward consignment items).

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Dinner at Chili’s

$25 gift certificate at Chili’s Restaurant.


Clothes for Work or Play

One gift card for $100 worth of men’s, women’s, or children’s apparel and accessories. Please see the website or come in to see a selection.

Website revamp incoming…

State of the union for Diogenes’ Lantern:

For those of you following the website who don’t know already, I wanted to bring everyone up to date on what’s happening.  During our first roadtrip, our website platform (WordPress) was doing some upgrades, but it turns out that our hosting provider (Yahoo) is not keeping up with the times and cannot support the new version of WordPress.   This has put the site in limbo for awhile.

The site is being moved to a new provider, based in Houston, called HostGator (it’s in testing now, and a font glitch seems to be most visible hurdle at the moment).  Meanwhile, the learnings gathered and feedback from the roadtrip seem to call for some significant changes to the look and feel of the website to help translate from “hey, that’s pretty cool” reactions to “I want to participate” actions.  So the site will more than likely get a makeover and some functionality changes.

This probably means a longer hiatus given our single developer, but after considering all the factors the key seems to boil down to:  it’s better to do an extensive re-vamp now in one big chunk while the site has only a handful of nominations and sponsorships than it does to try and trickle all the changes in.

Hang in there…

First Roadtrip Begins for Diogenes’ Lantern – Summer 2011

6/22/2011.  Our first roadtrip starts today.  It will cover about 7500 miles in about 30 days, give or take.

Leaving from Santa Clara, California, the first major stop is Los Angeles, but we’ll be stopping in communities all along the route looking to find good people and show you who they are.

View Diogenes’ Lantern Roadtrip Summer 2011 in a larger map

Diogenes’ Lantern Launches Web Service

We’ve launched our web service!  We are up and running as of 2am, June 20th, 2011.

The site is functional, though not perfect yet by a long shot.  Small steps.  It’s a big idea, and will take time to grow and evolve.  Check out the site, and send us feedback; every little bit helps us refine the website’s functionality and content.  Just be aware that we’re a tiny team (web development headcount:  1 dude) , and it may take us a while to implement everything we’d like to.

The nomination and sponsorship forms are active.  Don’t have any idea what that means?  Check out:  How Does Diogenes’ Lantern Work? Note that during our launch and first roadtrip, we’re waiving any costs associated with using the service, and the site looks pretty bare with the test data from our beta testing cleared out…so feel free to help us fill the space with new nominations or sponsorships!

We’ll be starting our first roadtrip in a couple of days…about 7500 miles in just over a month (roadtrip crew headcount:  same 1 dude).  Stay tuned…

Our first camera roadtest (please forgive the music; hard to resist when it came up in the review of the camera test, it was so overly dramatic…had to use it!):

GoPro Roadtest 1 from Diogenes' Lantern on Vimeo.

3 Days Until Launch and 5 Days Until We Hit The Road…

June 17th, 2011.
It’s 3 more days until we clear out the test data and launch the website, and 5 days until we hit the road on our first roadtrip…

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